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Building a 21st century e‑commerce group

One of the examples of how Rockaway has blazed a trail in the digital economy is MALL GROUP, the biggest e‑commerce group in Central and Eastern Europe. It was established in 2016 by combining nearly ten vertical e‑shops from the then existing Rockaway portfolio and Netretail Holding, horizontal generalist e‑shops operating in seven countries. At that moment, an exceptional e‑commerce platform was created and eventually accelerating double digit year-on-year growth.

“In e‑commerce, it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on shopping. We were the first in the region to set out on a relatively complicated path: we want to create a whole platform of services and experiences around shopping”, says Jakub Havrlant, Chairman of the Board of MALL GROUP and founder of Rockaway.

Jakub Havrlant

Jakub Havrlant

Chairman of the Board of MALL Group

Jakub Havrlant is the head of the Rockaway investment group, which he established in 2013 in order to combine his existing investment activities. His vision is to make MALL Group a player of European importance with emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction and innovation. He acts as Chairman of the Board.

Jan Hanuš

Jan Hanuš


Jan Hanuš joined MALL Group after two years as CEO of Telenor Hungary. In the past, he worked as the CEO of Emco or Kostelecké uzeniny. Its goal is to further strengthen MALL's position in all regional markets and its further growth and development of the marketplace and the MALL Partner program.

Vladimíra Carroll

Vladimíra Carroll

Chief People Officer

Vladimíra Carroll has more than 15 years of experience in HR. She joined MALL after three years at the media and entertainment company CME, where she was responsible for personnel strategy in five countries. Prior to that, she led HR at Hamé and Staropramen Breweries. She is responsible for the complete HR strategy of MALL Group.

Pavel Knap

Pavel Knap

Chief Logistics Officer

Pavel Knap spent more than 15 years in the area of retail (FMCG). His task at MALL Group is the development of the logistics infrastructure together with the development of the Last Mile, services related to the delivery of goods to the customer.

Radko Sekerka

Radko Sekerka

Chief R&D Officer

Radko Sekerka came to MALL Group from AVG, where he managed online sales and monetization. Thanks to the right strategy, he made it possible to achieve massive sales across markets, particularly in the United States. His task at MALL Group is to improve the product so that it works and continues to grow.

Jakub Střeštík

Jakub Střeštík

Chief Commercial Officer

Jakub Střeštík has many years of experience in leading management positions in multinational corporations operating in the field of services and retail. For the few last years, he has been the CEO of Kika furniture in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. At MALL Group, he manages business and marketing activities and the development of new business opportunities.

Petr Tomášek

Petr Tomášek

Chief Financial Officer

Petr Tomášek previously held various finance and project positions at companies such as PPF, EPH and BCG. At MALL Group, he is responsible for the group’s financial management, optimization and reporting to the shareholders.

CEE region: The most fragmented market in the world






Million people


MALL Group and WE|DO team up with Allegro to build a pan-CEE e-commerce champion

November 2021

MALL Group opens a new chapter and becomes part of Allegro, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Europe. This creates a unique online marketplace bringing together 135,000 merchants who will be able to sell their goods across Central and Eastern Europe. For 18 million customers across the region, this also creates a shopping gallery with the widest range of goods, the best prices and perfect customer service. Allegro, the most popular shopping platform in Poland and one of the world’s top ten e-commerce websites, today announces that it has agreed to acquire 100% of Mall Group a.s. (‘Mall Group’) and WE|DO CZ s.r.o. (‘WE|DO’) from selling shareholders PPF, EC Investments, and Rockaway Capital. The total value of the transaction is up to 975 million euros.


November 2020

MALL Group revenues throughout the Black Friday campaign exceeded 242 million euros, which means an increase of 35% compared to last year. The MALL.CZ e-shop alone sold goods worth 88.5 million euros. The record holder was the Mimovrste, where sales grew by more than 70% year-on-year.

enormous growth of mall partner program

July 2020

Already over 1,000 active merchants sell on MALL, the market turnover grew by 235% year-on-year. Entering the online marketplace opens new growth opportunities for the merchants, including sales in the other five countries where the e-shop operates.

koší is testing a deposit for pet bottles

January 2020

Koší, as an environmental leader, is the first online supermarket in the Czech Republic to offer returnable plastic bottles and soda cans (in collaboration with Mattoni).

Opening of the first specialized store Cash and Carry in Prague's Holešovice

October 2019

The MALL.CZ e-shop turned its regular store into the special one with focus on the sale of mobile phones, tablets and electronic accessories, where customers can quickly and easily access a specialized assortment. Opening of another stores of this type should follow. On the day of opening, customers could buy significantly discounted smartphones. Some of them have been waiting for their selected products since the previous day, even more than 20 hours.

Launch of MALL.TV broadcasting in Slovakia

September 2019

MALL.TV is launching a pilot broadcasting in Slovakia. Twelve brand new formats are being produced in cooperation with a team who stands behind several television and online projects in Slovakia. Their program goes from talk-shows to cooking shows to serials or Slow TV. These programs are complemented by content that viewers already know from the Czech version of MALL.TV. Access to the broadcast is free.

Launch of MALL.TV in the Czech Republic

October 2018

By launching its own internet television, MALL Group has come closer to its goal of creating an online alternative store where people can find services and entertainment in addition to shopping. The television started its broadcasting with original content including original series, entertaining and popular educational programs. TV reaches more than 13 % of the Czech online population monthly. More than 100,000 users registered their account in the first year of TV operation.

Launch of MALL Pay deferred payment

December 2017

The new own payment service has started the development of financial services in MALL Group. It brought a modern variant of popular but outdated cash on delivery with the option to pay for goods up to 51 days after receiving the purchase. MALL Group launched the service in cooperation with the online payment tool MALL Pay, which was designed with emphasis for mobile phones use with the aim of extending the service to all e-shops of the group later.

Black Friday distribution centre dispatches 548,000 items during Black Friday

November 2017

MALL GROUP has successfully completed its eight-day Black Friday campaign, which definitively kicked off the main Christmas shopping season. During this year’s event, the distribution centre in Jirny u Prahy, with continuous two-shift operation, dispatched more than half a million items, which is 80% more than in the previous year. The use of mobile platforms for shopping also grew considerably, by 40%.

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Integration is about to Begin: MALL GROUP Has Moved All Online Shops under One Roof and Connected Their Business Teams

September 2016

All online shops belonging to MALL GROUP have been moved into shared offices in Holesovice, Prague, last week. Since 19th September there have been MALL.CZ,, Proděti, Kolonial, BigBrands, Rozbaleno, Bux and Sporty under one roof.

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November 2020

A Czech thriller about cyberbullying #martyisdead produced by MALL.TV has won an international Emmy Award for best short-form series. The eight-part series was the first Czech production ever nominated for the prestigious American award.


September 2020

With a MALL Pay BNPL account, the customer buys goods online or in a brick-and-mortar store and pays 14 to 50 days later. MALL Pay empowers small and medium online merchants, giving them the opportunity to offer extra services to the buyers, such as extended warranty for goods.

million products on

June 2020

MALL.CZ is the first Czech e-shop to offer over a million products. In the last 12 months alone, 650,000 items have been added to the e-shop's offer, and the year-on-year growth is therefore more than 180%. This dynamic expansion is largely due to the popularity of the MALL Partner Program.

Opening of Cash & Carry store in Ljubljana

December 2019

MALL Group continues to develop its activities abroad. Right in the heart of Ljubljana in Slovenia, the company opened another specialized shop which is mix of the Showroom and Cash & Carry format store under the Mimovrste brand. It was the first major step for the operation of MALL Group in Slovenia.

Opening of Cash & Carry store in Zilina

September 2019

Another opening of Cash & Carry store followed in Zilina in Slovakia. MALL.SK has moved it´s regular shop to a new address. The newly opened store was designed as Cash & Carry shop which is the first specialized store in Slovakia.

New cooperation of MALL Pay and ČSOB bank

April 2019

For the further development of financial services, MALL Group gained a new strong player. The newly established company MALL Pay has started to develop its payment service together with ČSOB bank. Their common goal is to expand MALL Pay to other stores and satisfy the complex needs of customers, which is connected with the planned expansion of payment cards, loans or further development of supplementary insurance.

MALL Boxes in pilot operation: 24/7 pickup of purchases

September 2018

Live operation of nine boxes will be carried out in late September and early October in Prague. MALL Boxes will subsequently be expanded to more than 70 locations in the Czech Republic and 30 in Slovakia. People thus have closer pickup points for orders from; the number of locations for picking up goods will grow to more than 300 in both countries.

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MALL GROUP introduces one of the most advanced logistics centres in Europe

November 2017 in Jirny u Prahy has introduced a logistics centre that ranks among the most advanced in Europe. The facility covers an area of 50,000 m2, is scalable to allow clearance of 150,000 items per day and uses state-of-the-art technologies that enable fluid and rapid clearance of parcels.

Read more Successfully Tests Drone Delivery. Package Delivered in Three Minutes

November 2016

At 11:00 a.m. today, tested package delivery with a drone for the very first time. The delivery route covered a distance of roughly 1.7 km from the distribution point in Jirny to Zeleneč. The airborne delivery took three minutes. The total delivery time including preparation of the drone for take-off was approximately five minutes.

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Rockaway Introduces New Ecommerce Group: MALL GROUP

July 2016

Rockaway has accomplished the takeover of the network of shopping galleries – the MALL. As a result, MALL GROUP led by Jakub Havrlant has been established to encompass also specialized online shops from existing Rockaway portfolio.

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